Friday, April 17, 2009

1956 Ford F-100

We all know that it's getting harder and harder to do something different to the same old trucks. In fact, it's almost refreshing to see a bone stocker these days since many people out there might not even know what one looks like. Take the '56 Ford F-100, for instance. Most people will say that "the" Effie is the quintessential classic truck, and while it has reigned for all these decades, it seems we've seen `em all...but every once in a while, we get a surprise.
Harold Robinson is no stranger to custom cars, trucks, and hot rods. The Camden, South Carolina, resident has been at "it" for longer than many of us have been on this green earth. He has always known what he likes and has maintained a collection to prove it. Back in 2003, Harold met a younger builder at a show in Tennessee by the name of Michael Neighbors, popreitor of Michael's Rod Shop (MRS) in Franklinville, North Carolina.
The two met through mutual friends, and Michael didn't think too much about it at the time, but a few months later a friend of Harold's called the shop looking to have his '40 Ford coupe built. Michael thought maybe the '40 was going to be the guinea pig for Harold to see if the rumors of his high-quality work were true.Well, they were, and the '40 turned out great. Subsequently
Harold told Michael that he wanted him to build something for him someday, but you small business owners know how that goes. A few more years passed, and finally in '06 Harold rang the shop,saying he'd just bought a '56 F-100 and was ready to start. The carcass of a big-window Ford was soon dropped off.Harold gave a description of what he wanted and to just send the bill when it was done--that's it. He basically handed the full reigns over to MRS, with the exception of the interior colors.
Once Michael had a plan together he called up Fatman Fabrication and ordered a custom chassis for it. The underpinnings start with a Mustang II frontend ,which was moved forward 3 inches. Dropped and smoothed spindles, Air Ride Technologies ShockWaves, big Wilwood 13-inch disc brakes, and a chrome rack-and-pinion unit all inhabit the front section of the custom frame. Of course there had to be a Ford 9-inch rearend under the bed, and that was stuffed with 31-spline axles and a 3.70:1 Posi third-member. Anchoring the rear is an all-chrome Fatman four-link setup that also incorporates a pair of ShockWaves controlled by the company's RideProE system. The rearend was also moved forward and the overall truck shortened 3 inches to tighten up the profile of the otherwise lanky '56.

1955 Ford F-100

How many times have we told ourselves, "I'll never do that again!"? More often than not, this type of resolution immediately follows some sort of life-altering event-and we're not talking about the positive kind, either. But just as quickly as the vow's made, it's usually broken, isn't that right?
In the case of Andy and Patty Heintzelman, just after witnessing their '56 T-Bird burn to the ground on their way home from Bakersfield (where they'd spent the weekend watching vintage drags at the March Meet) to Ramona, California, Andy vowed he was "done with the car hobby". As wives typically know their husbands better than they do, she just laughed and gave it a month before he was right back in the thick of things. She was right. Upon coming to terms with his automotive addiction, Andy made a compromise of sorts, saying he'd look for something "finished" this time around. Patty knew better, and before long, the pieces of a '55 F-100 filled their garage.
Fully aware that his compulsions had consumed him-and better yet, accepting and admitting fact-Andy sat down with his loving wife and had a little talk...about how they were going to build the F-100! It was agreed they would follow a traditional style, one reminiscent of what you might find featured in R&C's "little pages" back in the 1950s. And with the subsequent help from friends Norm Saumure and Jack Petit (along with paintwork by Sun Valley Auto Body and graphics by Rick Morgan), that vintage vision became a retro reality.
We've got our fingers crossed in hopes that this project doesn't fall victim to an early demise-but as far as any future projects go, well, that's entirely up to Andy and how he deals with his addiction from here on out!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Time Line for Ford Trucks


I Love the looks of old ford trucks and this shows all the generations up until now. i also love the 1973-79 ford because im in the process of restoration of a 1977 Ford F100 which i will post pictures of soon.

Friday, February 6, 2009

99 mustang with supercharger doing a burnout. i like this because its standard and works awesome

This is 79 ford 4x4 doing a burnout